Vibration Testing & Analysis
We can measure noise & vibration simultaneously to determine any relationships.

Electromagnetetic Shaker Systems & Accessories

Shakers 400 lbf to 77,000 lbf. Vibration Controllers. Slip Tables. Head expanders & fixtures. Temperature Humidity Chambers for combined testing. Amplifiers for all brands. For Used Systems please call us.    



We offer state-of-art FFT based spectrum analyzers and recorders from 2 to 512 channels. Portable solutions for industry as well as research grade solutions for universities.



Vibration analysis includes RPM related proccessing, simultanious real-time FFT and recording, parallel processing. Optional ODS and Modal Analysis software allow structural resonances to be analyzed in detail.



Noise and vibration are related. One can’t have one without the other. The fact that we can measure both simultaneously in many different locations allows us to troubleshoot and accurately determine the relationship, then the root cause. Vibration from rotating machines as well as resonating structures can be quantified, reduced or eliminated by making measurements with FFT(Fast Fourier Transform) analyzers.
Quality Assurance Test Systems
SVS provides a comprehensive selection of Vibration Shakers. We integrate entire systems with state-of-art closed loop controllers slip tables, head expanders, data acqusition and sensors from one source. Both hardware and software integrated solutions with sensors come from one source saving our clients time.  Please call us to discuss your application.

Vibration Areas of Focus

  Rotating Machinery

  Modal Analisys

  Predictive Maintenance

  Quality Assurance

  End of Line Testing

  Research & Development